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December 15th, 2015

When browsing fat-burning supplements, I came across one that is sponsored by Amazon. Not a lot of products get this much attention, so having seen a sponsored product, a tingling sensation within me pushes me to investigate this supplement a little bit further.

The supplement I am referring to is the Shredded Plus Fat burning supplement. This fat-burning supplement has gained massive traction in just a few weeks. So, what does the Shredded Plus Fat-burning supplement do? Here is the official product description:

  • INCREASE THE RATE OF FAT LOSS and BURN FAT, PRESERVE MUSCLE. See results fast with our innovative formulation that uses science to supercharge the rate of fat loss through multiple pathways in your body. The formula contains cutting-edge research backed ingredients that work synergistically, turning your body into an efficient fat burning machine. Scorch off body fat, maintain your hard earned muscle, and finally achieve the shredded physique that you’ve always wanted.
  • ELEVATE YOUR METABOLIC RATE. The #1 critical factor to successfully losing body fat is to burn more calories every day. Shredded+ contains precise ratios of key ingredients that research has shown to burn more calories throughout the day, even if you’re at rest. More calories burned per day equals more fat loss, and most importantly: long-term sustained results.shredded
  • EXPERIENCE AMPLIFIED ENERGY LEVELS & BETTER MOOD. Experience a clean energy surge without the jitters, over stimulation, crashes, and anxiety. Feel motivated and energized with crystal clear cognitive function and a sense of motivation. Power through your day, crush your workouts, and conquer your fitness goals.
  • SUPPRESS APPETITE, CRUSH FOOD CRAVINGS. Nothing can derail the fat loss process faster than giving into unexpected food cravings. Shredded+ helps control these cravings with cutting-edge ingredients that work to curb your appetite. Stay on the winning path and achieve your fat loss goals without being sabotaged by food cravings.

The Shredded Plus has an impressive list of ingredients that have been clinically proven to help in burning fat. The ingredients listed are:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine– For burning fat stores and improving cognition
  • Naringenin– Helps produce Adiponectin, a hormone that helps in breaking down fat cells
  • Green Tea Extract– For fat loss and other health benefits
  • Synephrine– improves metabolism
  • Hesperidin– Also known to improve metabolic rates
  • Caffeine– For energy and thermogenic effects
  • Salicin– an anti-inflammatory agent
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract– Another thermogenic agent that helps burn fat

With this much ingredients, it is no wonder that this is a highly-acclaimed fat-burning supplement. Let’s look at some of the reviews:

Darrick: “I am a skeptic and now a believer! The Shredded plus helped me lose a ton of weight the safe way in just 2 weeks!”

Thomas: “Alright, the Shredded Plus is the only fat-burning supplement I’ve taken that has a lot of well-known ingredients. At first, I was doubtful if this is potent because it may dilute the effects of the supplement because of its myriad of ingredients. But, I was wrong, it really does help me lose a lot of weight.”

The Shredded Plus is one of the best fat-burning supplements for the month of November. This fat-burning supplement costs only $30.

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