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April 22nd, 2014

Have you ever played a video game, only to be left wanting? If only they added another level or fleshed out the characters more, then perhaps the story and game would have been perfect. Video games are not the things in the gaming industry that seem incomplete. Sometimes, the gaming consoles themselves can seen only partially there with limited usability.


When the Nintendo DS came out, everyone was excited. With a wide range of games and numerous features, it quickly became the most played portable gaming device out there. However, some people thought that the DS was capable of more.


Hence, the Nintendo DS and 3DS Flash Carts were created. Adding all sorts of new options, they gave gamers unprecedented control over their gaming experience. This was however not without its consequences. Lets take a closer look at the 3DS Flash Carts, and see what you can do with them.



What is a Nintendo 3DS Flash Carts cartridge?


The Nintendo 3DS Flash Carts are cartridges specifically designed for the Nintendo 3DS. They are adapters for the microSD flash card ports located on the Nintendo DS. The 3DS Flash Carts include flash memory, instead of the read only NAND ROM that other Nintendo DS cards have. What does this mean for you?



Plug and Play Versatility


The 3DS Flash Carts are easy to use, install software on, attach to the DS, and access once you have it installed. They help you change the basic ways the DS works, giving you a range of new and interesting options. In addition to this, the 3DS Flash Carts offer plug and play versatility. This means you can jail break your 3DS device, and install things like Homebrew apps, 3rd party games not normally found on the DS, and then create backups. What the 3DS Flash Carts gives you is options to make your DS dreams a reality.



Knowing More About the Claims


One of the biggest problems with the 3DS Flash Carts is that gaming companies hate it. Many gaming companies hold onto patents for games that have gone long out of circulation and cannot be purchased. When people who origionally bought these games years ago create roms using the 3DS Flash Carts, these gaming companies become scared. As a result, there are many unheeded claims that the 3DS Flash Carts are immoral and used for piracy. As you and I know, this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

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