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June 11th, 2011

The Nintendo 3DS is a great video game system, one of the most popular ever created. However, the R4i 3DS, like all game systems, has a lot of games that simply aren’t good for children. Most parents look at ratings and choose which games their kids should be allowed to play that way, but this isn’t always a great system for determining which games are safe for your kids, and even if it works, it does not tell you which video games will help you develop your child’s knowledge and creativity, or which games will foster their social skills. Here is a list of a few games which are both entertaining for kids, but also useful for them.

  1. Nintendogs + Cats: These Nintendogs games have been out for a while now. What they do is simulate a pet, in this case that pet can be a cat or a dog in any of a variety of breeds. Nintendogs can be a useful tool if your child is interested in a pet, but you don’t think they are ready for one. Nintendogs + Cats has no violence to speak of and teaches nurturing and responsibility, making it a safe and useful children’s game.
  2. Harvest Moon 3D: a New Beginning: This is an interesting option. Harvest Moon is a game series set around building a life as a farmer. It requires that the player plant and water their crops so that they will grow to be harvested. In addition, the player has to look after farm animals, feed themselves, manage the state of their property, etc. This game doesn’t feature violence, and teaches the player cause and effect along with responsibility and a little about farming, although it is hardly a perfect farming simulation. It’s still a game after all. There is also a social aspect thanks to the interactions between the farmer and the surrounding town, most of which are in the player’s control.
  3. AnimalCrossing: A New Leaf: Animal Crossing is a game series featuring talking animal people who live in a town together and try to get along. The player plays a new villager who has just moved into town. His or her job is to get along with everyone, build up his or her house, and complete minigames like fishing or bug catching. The game has no real violence to speak of, and is good about teaching both responsibility and good social behaviors. 
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